Meet Fabblink.

The lack of education and support systems in 3D printing is causing multiple problems...

  • Freelancer platforms can’t guarantee adequate quality of their workforce
  • Support lead-time is long and management of local differences is costly.
  • No defined standard educational route for additive manufacturing
  • No differentiation between skills (lack of narrow specialization)
  • No certification process for hands-on learners or printer owners

The knowledge in 3D print and design processes is fragmented in the Benelux, because there is no uniform place for education and access to new developments.

“If we put the fragmented knowledge together, and give it a better podium, the Benelux will be widely recognized as one of the leading 3D print regions."
Ruben Fokkema - Brainport Development

Our platform identifies each individual, so that their identity is verified.

Unique features for 3D print enthusiasts


Participate in interactive courses and master the latest 3D printing secrets.


Prove your education with our blockchain enabled-certificates. [Verifiable by simply scanning a QR code]


Easily collaborate with other people on the platform thanks to KYC and integrated NDAs non-disclosure agreements].

Fabblink builds a trusted community.

For suppliers or manufacturers

Access to remote workforce / community

Remote prototyping and material testing

Branded Education Platform: with company specific education and certificates.

Support Platform designed exclusively for AM issues and assistance.

Version management for printer specific settings and secure file sharing.

Increase brand value because of social sharing and automated social media connections.


We want to create worlds first 3D Printing Workforce and Education Platform